F/W ’19 Trend: Wool Coat

Welcome back friends. Winter isn’t over yet, we have two more months to go until the cold weather is going to leave. In cases of fashion let’s be real, until now everyone has seen all our winter coats and we hate them. Luckily sale has started and we are ready to buy new coats and jackets.

The past two years puffers have been a major piece for the colder days, but let’s not forget about the good old wool coat. Black wool coats are a big staple piece in our closet, so why not change the game a bit.

I went for a sold olive color, which suits me pretty well in my opinion. Olive is super easy for matching. But if you want to level up: invest in a colorful or patterned coat, these are the real deals.


F/W ’19 Trend: Trenchcoat

Living in a colder country can also have its advantages: we are specialists when it comes to layering. Turtleneck, sweater, blouse, cardigan, coat, we never go out of options. So what’s better for a stylish layered look than a trenchcoat?

young girl wearing a trenchcoat and blue jeans

The trench is an all-weather and all-season trend piece, it will never go out of fashion. Angela Ahrendts used to say: “Everyone in the world should have a trenchcoat, and there should be a trenchcoat for everyone in the world. It does not matter your age; it doesn’t matter your gender.” A good trench coat will take you through numerous seasons and will keep you looking awesome in every situation.

Because this coat is such a simple piece you can go all out underneath. Wear some crazy colors, patterns or some extraordinary cut. I kept it simple this time and wore a cropped beige crew-neck sweater with a pair of blue mum-jeans and NIKE Air-Force.

Find my trenchcoat here.


F/W ’19 Trend: Leather Blazer

F/W Trend: wearing a leather Blazer and a black turtleneck, small black bag

Besides black leather blazers I have eyed some brown or beige blazers. Amanda Steele recently released one with cut-outs on the shoulders which is really fancy. ASOS even released a whole suit set made out of brown leather – like wow, this trend is taking over.

If you are lucky you could maybe find a leather blazer in your moms or grandmas closet, another trend that came back from the 90’s.

F/W Trend: wearing a leather Blazer and a black turtleneck

Shop my blazer here


S/S ’19 Trend: Bike Shorts

Hello friends, welcome to a new edition of spring and summer Trends. My first trend for this season are bike shorts. They are all over the ‘gram and totally a must !

Bike shorts are so flattering on every body type. They are so versatile and can be worn with nearly anything. The easiest way is to pair them with an oversized t-shirt or an oversized blazer.

If you feel a bit uncomfortable by wearing bike shorts, wear them with a tunic over or a short dress.

Try going for a „sporty“ version in the shorts – they are often more sturdy and hold everything in place. Mine are ASOS 4505.

Black Bike Shorts with a white oversized Tshirt

Outfit details – t-shirt etsy (not available), shorts ASOS, bracelet Amazon, sunglasses Hawkers.


DIOR Saddle Bag

They are everywhere. In September a huge wave of saddle bags rolled onto Instagram, and now we can’t live without them anymore. But where did they even come from and why are they here again?

So lets have a little look on the facts.

In 1999 John Galliano designed the first Saddle Bag for Dior. Back then he was Head of Design at Dior. Quickly the bag became a total cult object, even Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City wore the bag. Unfortunately John Galliano got fired in 2011, so the bag wasn’t produced anymore.

Now Maria Grazia Chiuri brought the bag back. On the F/W Fashion Week in January 2018 we had a first glance at the relaunch of this cool bag. In September the bags dropped in the stores, since then we got flooded with pictures of the new Dior Saddle Bag.

Vintage or New?

There are so many different designs of this bag. The shape always stays the same but the color and the fabric can variate. There are tons and tons of vintage “John Galliano” saddle bags out there. The prices vary between 200 – 5000€.

The relaunched bag comes in several options and with a higher quality than the vintage one. They come in different leather styles, with embroidery, different hardware options. Just anything you want. There are two sizes and a belt bag to choose from. But the price range is definitely higher, the new Dior Saddle bags cost between 1800 – 4500€.

the picture shows the new dior saddle bag in black leather
Black leather Dior saddle Bag

The prices can be higher or lower dependig on the model, the fabric and the (online) shop.


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