The Frankie Shop t-shirt dupe

There is no way somebody can be surprised that this trend came. Since Isabel Marant showed her fall/winter 2019 Ready-to-wear collection, we all knew this was going to happen: shoulder pads are here and I guess they are not going anywhere for quite a while.

This trend is everywhere.

Two weeks ago, I scrolled through my feed and saw Caro Daur wearing this awesome The Frankie Shop t-shirt with shoulder pads and I fell in love immediately. What a great way to give a normal sleeveless t-shirt a new spin. The Frankie Shop is always ahead with trends, but paying 75$ for a t-shirt is quite expensive. Luckily I found this alternative from Mango the other day. This top can be a cool and edgy alternative to a normal shirt. Just give it a try.


Cropped Cardigans


This spring and summer all you need are a ton of cropped cardigans. They are the absolute 90’s staple piece since Cher Horowitz made them iconic in Clueless. There are so many different styles, from the good old fluffy cardigan to crazy colored ones. Even better: Those Zara cardigans have matching knit tops, like have you ever seen something cuter? I don’t think so.

Try pairing these either closed as a top with jeans and some jewelry or open with the matching top underneath. I paired mine with this wonderful 90’s jeans from Zara. They are really lose fitting, super long and extremely high waisted aka perfect for cropped tops.


What you need to buy for Spring ’20

Q: “What pieces do I need for spring 2020?”

A: “This spring it’s all about a romantic style with a touch of edgyness. There is going to be a lot of white denim and pastell colored cardigans. For the extra bit of edgyness pair some leather loafers or oxfords with your look.”

White Denim

I love a good pair of white denim, it fits everything and nearly every occasion. Especially pastel tones work perfectly with white jeans. These ribcage ones are definitely on my wish list for next season. Just be careful if you tend to be on the clumsier side of life, some stains will remain forever…

Rugby Shirts

The good old English rugby shirt, just a really classic piece. It would also fit perfectly with the white jeans for an all-white look. Just ad some gold necklaces and rings and this makes the outfit look really elevated. If these variants are to ‘simple’ for you, have a look at vintage pieces from Polo Ralph Lauren or Lacoste. I actually found the long sleeve version from the H&M one in their men’s section and it fits perfectly.

Loafers and Oxfords

I NEED BOTH! These Loafers are so perfectly made, just the best classic loafers I could find – and they’re only around 30€. If this isn’t a deal, I don’t know what is. Can we please have a moment for these Oxfords, I mean have you ever seen cooler ones? They just look like the Prada ones from F/W’19 and I fell in love immediately.

Denim on denim

Denim on Denim on Denim, every year denim is here. I really like the belted denim jacket from weekday, it gives a little something to it. But why not try a whole denim look, pairing blue jeans with a blue denim blouse. This is a really stylish and easy look without making an effort. No more ‘I-don’t-know-what-to-wear’-days with this one.

Cropped Cardigans

This Trend already came last season upon us, but this year you can’t hide. Small cardigans are a very 90’s piece, they are cute and chic if you pair them the right way. Just put on a (white) jeans with this beautiful pistachio colored cropped cardigan from & Other Stories, some jewelry and you have a real chic look for spring.

Plaid skirts

Cher Horowitz called, she wants back her skirt. Real Clueless vibes going on here, the plaid skirts are back. Through the whole 90’s girls probably lived in these because they are so cute and sexy. Pairing these with some chunky high boots and a cropped cardigan is just necessary to get the look. The only thing missing is a flip phone to be thrown back into 1990.


Netflix movies you need to watch

Netflix has manifested itself in our society just as iPhones have. You cant imagine a world without it anymore. The past year Netflix had over 167 million paying streaming subscribers worldwide as well as over 4.6 million free trial customers. Somehow there are so many movies that sometimes you just lose the overview. But no problem because I am here to help you. As a professional movie binge-watcher, I can recommend my favorites.

Call me by your name

2017 • drama/romance

I love this story about a 17-year-old boy, who falls madly in love. The story takes place in northern Italy in 1983. This is the perfect summer romance you were looking for, to watch on a stormy night. Can’t go wrong with this one.

Murder Mystery

2019 • mystery/crime

Who doesn’t love a good Comedy with our beloved Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler? Furthermore, the story takes place on a yacht and someone gets killed AND Adam Sandler is going to solve the case. Is there anything better in this world? Probably not.

Love and other disasters

2006 • love-film/comedy

The young main character always tries to pair off her gay best friend with some good looking guys. But then somehow she doesn’t notice falling in love herself in the end. Such a cute movie with a really good storyline. A must-see for everyone who really likes watching a good love movie.

6 Underground

2019 ‧ thriller/action

I mean this is a Netflix production – directed by legend Michael Bay. I love this movie, it’s full of action but still has that funny side to it. The main character (Ryan Reynolds) reminds a bit of batman actually. He’s the good guy, who pretends his death and builds a task force to save the world.

How did you like my recommendations? Do you have a favorite Netflix movie?


Buy less, get more

Two days ago I read an article about second-hand shopping and how this sector will increase by around 50% until 2025, which is insane. Vintage and second-hand shopping have become so much more important than just 5 years ago, and not just in the luxury area.

I am a very passionate online shopper and my environmental footprint is probably ginormous. Of course, I am aware that this is having an impact on the world I live in. Getting parcels shipped to my door and coming home to them is actually kind of making me happy, which probably also makes me a psychopath. But that’s okay because now I realized what fatal mistakes I have been making and knowing I have to change my lifestyle ASAP. All this trouble about the climate made me overthink a lot.

The fashion industry has a super high impact on our environment, even more than flying. Actually the fashion industry is the second-largest polluter in the world. 20% of industrial water pollution is coming from textile treatment and dying and more than 20.000 liters of water are needed to produce only one kilogram of Cotton That’s just a small part of something really big. This is shocking and alarming. We are experiencing climate change every day, may it be a very warm January or overly hot summers. The climate is changing, and this will affect our lives to the max.

How can we help the environment?

We all have to get our shit together and start fixing the environment. However one can’t do this alone, but if everyone helps a bit we can change something before its too late.

Starting off with replacing our usual shopping habits with a little visit to a vintage shop or shopping at sustainable places. 2020 is the year of investing, investing in a good, sustainably made clothing. Spending more on better quality and respecting the impact on the environment. Some sustainable brands offer exclusive information on their clothes, like origin and manufacturing details. This makes it easy to follow the manufacturing process. This shows transparency and even tells us how the pricing is put together.

Shopping local can also help to reduce your environmental footprint. Local vintage shops or even resell platforms like Kleiderkreisel (DE), Depop (US/GB) or Vestiaire Collective (luxury) are a great way of buying new pieces that are pre-loved and in good condition.

Below I listed some of my favorite shopping alternatives to reduce your impact on the environment:

  • $ ASOS Marketplace
  • $$ Uncle Studios by Allegra Shaw
  • $$ ARKET
  • $$$ Reformation
  • $$$ Everlane
  • $$$ Attire by Xenia Adonts

xx, Nike


Super Puffer

girl wearing a beige colored puffer coat

Hello guys, it’s still cold over here. So I still have to wear my puffer coats. For the really freezing cold days, I love this one especially. Oversized coats are a huge trend this winter. The bigger, the better.

I recently saw some really good Streetstyle at Copenhagen Fashion Week, they are literally everywhere. And the trend is probably not going anywhere in the next years.

Styling oversized puffer coats can also be difficult sometimes. If you are on the smaller side I would recommend a puffer jacket, instead of a coat. So you won’t drown in fabric. For girls with wider hips try a longer coat with a waisted cut. This is the most flattering. With the right puffer for your body type and style, you will always look stunning.

Below I listed some of my favorite coats and jackets for the colder season:


Houndstooth Pattern Trend

style selct: different houndstooth pattern pieces from H&M and Zara.

Welcome back. As everyone should have seen, this pattern is currently trending on the gram. Every instagirl is wearing the black and white houndstooth pattern coat, either oversized or fitted. Its time to hop on the trend right now. Spring is no longer far away, but the cold will not leave us so quickly. Such a statement piece is particularly appropriate for the transition into the new season.

With this pattern you can easily give your simple outfit an eye catcher. Don’t be put off by the strong pattern, the pieces can be combined in many ways. Maybe try it with a strong shade of blue. Black skinny jeans will round off the outfit perfectly and don’t forget pairing your look with some chunky boots.

For the instagirls out there who prefer to have it more comfortable there is the simpler version. Simply black leather leggings, an oversized white t-shirt and this black sweatshirt with a turtleneck. Round off the outfit with a black cap.

Left to right: H&M blazer, Zara puffer, Zara cropped sweatshirt, Zara sweatshirt, H&M coat