Fall is right around the corner

Hello friends! August is over now and for all of us not living in a warm country fall is right around the corner. All Brands are now starting to reveal their newest fall and winter collections, which is pretty exciting. Everyone knows that September is international fashion month and here I have some pieces that are just the perfect amount of casual and cool.

2020 is the year of not making an effort but still looking put together. Cute knitwear is all we can think about right now, its too cold for T-shirts but still too hot for coats. So all we wear are cardigans and blazers. Jeans are always my go-to when the weather is confusing. Rain, sunshine, it wouldn’t surprise me if it started snowing next week. But I’m still hoping summer is making a small comeback before we really go into freezing fall weather.


Besides all the cute cardigans that are trending right now, knit vests are making a huge comeback. Wearing them oversized over a colorful turtleneck or classic over a white button-down. There are no borders to this trend. A big bonus is that you’re not getting as hot as if you would be wearing a whole knitted sweater.

I love the stone-colored cardigan and pairing it with some true blue denim. Add a Bucket hat, a cute bag, and some chunky boots, and your effortless look is finished.

Cute Blazer

Blazers are such a staple piece for fall. I love pairing these with a solid colored turtleneck and some dark jeans. Especially the checkered one from Mango adds a little something to an outfit.

Some Jackets

For the cold and rainy days, jackets are a must for fall. Beige and brown tones really suit everyone and literally scream FALL! I really love the brown leather jacket from Weekday. The clean-cut is very masculine which gives any outfit the extra bit cool and it’s probably halfway weatherproof.

Wide leg Jeans

Woah, these jeans are just a pure dream. I actually own both pairs. One has a very straight cut and the other one a wide-leg cut. Both fit very well, I just had to have the wide leg jeans made smaller at the waist so they fit a little better.


Breaking up the dark seasons with light accessories. Lately, I realized how important accessories are, styling up a very basic outfit with jewelry and a cool hat or bag.

Edgy Footwear

The Bottega Veneta BV LUG Boots are probably my dream boots. But unfortunately, I can’t afford them, so I am very happy I found these H&M dupes. The quality is really good and they look stylish with every outfit. If you are more on the edgy side then these plateau Dr. Martens are a good option. Especially for the rainy and muddy weather in fall and winter. Nobody wants wet or cold feet, right?


A day at the beach

For many of us, a holiday is just a faraway dream this year. Corona makes traveling extremely difficult and dangerous. Especially flying gives me anxiety when I think about the risk I take sitting an hour next to a hundred people and my only protection is a thin face mask. Well, probably I’m a hypochondriac now.

But why not make this the best summer ever? Who said you need to be in the south of France to have an ideal summer? The only thing you need for an unforgettable summer is yourself and your best friends and family. So some days ago my friend surprised me with a day trip to the beach, which was just insane. The beach was a three-hour drive away but it was definitely worth it. So for everyone having a little wanderlust maybe a trip to the beach can work miracles.

Here I have some Beach essentials for you:

Beach towels

A cute Beach towel is essential for a day at the beach. I had the blue one from H&M with me. Don’t wonder it is actually a table cloth but works perfectly fine for the beach because it is quite big and sturdy.

Beach Bags

I think this is self-explanatory. Walking at the beach, in the sun, sweating, you don’t want to have your shit all over the place. A big beach bag can hold all your essentials.


For tanning or going for a quick swim in the ocean. I personally think bikinis are way more efficient for a good tan and a quick change on the beach. But if you are more the swimsuit type then go for that option. Just make sure you take two to change at the beach if you are cold after a dip in the ocean.



Jaquemus for the win

Everyone in the fashion industry is probably still talking about Jaquemus iconic new collection. Easy to say that Simon Porte Jaquemus nailed it again. His new collection for s/s 2021 is near to fabulous in my opinion. Bringing together only a hand full of people on a cornfield to watch a wide variety of different Models present his wonderful designs in the french countryside. A big wooden catwalk going right through a wonderful field, surrounded by small wooden chairs. Jaquemus‘ fashion shows are just a dream that came true. Like really who would have thought of this, if not Jaquemus.

The coronavirus is still a thing, and yes even in a Jaquemus dream social distancing is necessary. But compared to Etro, who presented their Menswear show open air in the garden of Milan’s Four Seasons Hotel. Simon did a way better job. Etro earned a lot of criticism for doing the very first physical show after the big lockdown in Italy. Especially because Prada, Loewe, Balenciaga, and many more presented their shows without an audience (Loewe even without models). It seemed like the fashion industry would find a new and sustainable way to sell their collections.

Sustainability is now more in the center of interest than ever. Big labels like Prada are trying new, digital ways to present their collections. Not only to selected people but for everyone to see them just at the same time. Everyone can have access to luxury features now, just like sitting front row, at home on the sofa. Fashion weeks will never like before and these are good changes coming upon.

Really every fashionista has dreamt of sitting front row just for once in their lives, and to be honest I am still dreaming. Even if this isn’t the reality we live in anymore. But a girl can dream, right?

xx, Nike


Top Picks July 2020

These are my top picks this month:

July is nearly over again, corona is still with us and holidays are not existing for most of us. So, in conclusion, it’s still looking quite dark. But summer is here and we won’t hesitate to do anything to enjoy this summer. Sitting outside all night long, talking with friends, drinking wine. These are the moments we will be thinking back to when we grow old, not about wearing a mask inside a train.

Especially for these occasions, we need pieces that are comfy but look hella stylish. Just like this short sleeves blouse from Weekday or these super comfy slouchy pants from Zara. Comfy meets dressed up!


The easiest Avocado Toast you will find

Finding the right avocado toast recipe can be kind of difficult. Especially when you don’t want it to take you longer to make your snack than to eat it. I’m perfectly fine with keeping it simple. On days where I feel more hungry, I usually just add an egg on top.

What you need:

  • 1 Avocado
  • 2 Slices of Bread
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Chilli flakes

1. Put the two slices of bread into the toaster.

2. While your bread is getting crunchy, cut the avocado in half. I usually only need one half for both slices, but this depends on how much avocado you want.

3. When your bread slices are toasted, take a spoon and spread the inside of the avocado generously over the bread slices. Then take a fork and crush the avocado evenly.

4. Sprinkle a little salt and pepper on top. Now comes the most important ingredient, chili flakes. Sprinkle over it as you like.

Finished is your quick snack.


My Top Picks for the end of Spring ’20

Hello friends, welcome back! In Germany, we are out of Lockdown right now. But there are still a ton of government measures we have to follow. Restaurants and Bars are slowly opening again but everything is still far from normal.

So do we really need spring and summer fashion during this crisis, when we have nowhere to go to? The answer is easy – YES!

It is so important to care and treat yourself once in a while. Even if you can’t wear your new summer shorts to a barbeque, be fancy and wear them to the living room. Or show your neighbors your fantastic new dress by watering the plants on the balcony. This is exaggerated? Babe, you can never be overeducated or overdressed!

Spring is definitely my favorite season. The days get longer and the nights get warmer. Because of this global pandemic, the dress code for 2020 is casual chic, looking like you made an effort but for real – you didn’t. Being chill and comfortable is key.

It is finally time to get the shorts back out of the closet, pairing them with an oversized blazer, a body, and a pair of sandals is going to be my go-to a spring outfit.

Here are my favorites for this season:

The Basics

The Blazer

The Shorts

The Dress

The Set

The Footwear


What day is it?

We are probably now on Day 6325746 of the quarantine. I don’t know which day it is or which month. I guess its April by now.

I feel dizzy and anxious. Staying inside all the time can be tough, especially for people with a lot on their minds. Everyone seems quite fine with staying inside and working on themselves, doing all these crazy workouts, learning to cook all these fancy meals and so on. Instagram is full of people living their best lives inside their wonderful, pretty and perfectly tidy homes.

Have I been productive? No.

Do you know what I think? Bullshit. Everyone is stuck at home, hoping to leave their house better sooner than later.

It doesn’t matter what you achieved while being stuck inside, just be hopeful and be happy. And if that means you eat a whole pin of Ben&Jerrys a day, then fuck it, go for it. Eat your Ben&Jerrys, sleep in late, go for walks or don’t, lie in your bed all day watching Netflix.

Like really, who cares?

This is not the time to get your shit together. This is more than ever the time to be yourself and look after yourself, especially your mental health. Don’t force yourself to do things you don’t want to. Nobody will judge you.

Take care loves.

xx, Nike