Fashion Week S/S21 Recap

Yet, another Fashion Week has passed. Despite Covid-19, many people found their way to Milan and Paris, even tho many shows and presentations where held digitally, like MiuMiu. I must say I really liked their concept of editing the audience into the digital show. It’s like everyone was there but no one had to be afraid of being infected. What quite shocked me actually was the Chanel show at Grand Palais. Not only did they forget the 1,5-meter distance between the chairs, but also did you notice that they only booked like three black models? A little lame to be honest.

This season was different from the seasons we used to know. The focus right now is on being safe and easy. We are still having a global pandemic, we need easy everyday styles that look chic. And this theme really went through most of the shows.

Louis Vuitton S/S 2021 Ready-to-Wear

Louis Vuitton was by far my favorite show this season. The oversized fits and the wide color palette nailed the design part. But not only the collection was a big success. I really loved the concept of the show, by seating live and digital audience right next to each other and installing cameras between the chairs. If you watch the Show online you can see different clips being played on the greenscreens, such a cool idea to incorporate these as a kind of storytelling.

Can we please have a moment and talk about the fantastic tailoring? have you ever seen such well-made pants? They are just the right kind of oversized. But my favorite piece from the collection is the beige jacket below. Like wow, this piece literally screams my name. Having this oversized men’s vibe with the relaxed details at the bottom and on the sleeves. Well done Nicolas Ghesquière!

Watch the Show here.

Source: Vogue Runway

Sportmax S/S 2021 Ready-to-Wear

I watch the Sportmax show every fashion week season because I’m just generally a big big fan of their designs. They are very easy and sporty but also super chic. This season the atmosphere was amazing, with the high windows and the incredible light coming in. In the first few seconds of the show, you can see someone looking impatient at their watch and I just thought “if you don’t want the invitation, I’ll take it”.

Just look at this all-Black look below, her silhouette is just hugged perfectly and the material mix makes it look extremely chic. This reminds me of a mixture between the film Matrix and fashion parties in the ’90s. The blazer down below is also one of my favorite looks this fashion week. I liked the tailoring with the cut open bell sleeves in comparison with the long fit. And definitely be prepared to see me wearing one of these wonderful jumpsuits, they look incredible comfy!

Watch the Show here.

Source: Vogue Runway

Isabel Marant S/S 2021 Ready-to-Wear

I think Isabel Marant is a true legend. Her collections are always on point and extremely entertaining. This season Marant knew what her audience needed: Hugs and Love. After COVID-19 took over our lives, we need social life more than ever, but this is still a faraway dream. The collection was presented while acrobats accompanied the models on the runway, running around and hugging themselves. Marant has color-coordinated the simple outfits of the acrobats with those of the models, without these distracting from the collection.

In my opinion, Isabel Marant often has a strong western theme going on in her collections, but she matches this with rich colors and trendy cuts. The best example is probably the model on the right wearing a dark blue blouse with folklore embroidery, jeans shorts, and western boots: a typical Marant look!

Watch the show here.

Source: Vogue Runway