Fall/Winter ’20 Wishlist

Here I am, with a ton of new fall and winter favorites for you. Germany is having a small lockdown by the beginning of next week, so right now the only thing you can do is online shopping and working. I’m back in home-office right now and the main thing I am wearing is joggers. But this is no reason for us to get into a bad mood. Now we have to hold on to the positive things, like the big black Friday Sale at the end of November or my perfectly matching jogging set from Zara. We made it through the first lockdown in March and now we are going to make it through this one. Stay strong everyone!

The coolest Knitwear

Knitwear is definitely essential for the colder days. This year cable knit sweaters are literally everywhere. The grey sweater has a nice fit and falls loosely, just perfect for wearing it with a pair of leggings. I think it would even be approved by the Olsen twins. The white one is more figure-hugging and would clearly look amazing with the pinstriped suit below.

The Pinstriped Suit

I saw this power suit been worn by a new yorker influencer. She looked stunning and I immediately knew: I NEED THIS SUIT. I had to wait for ages for the pants to get back into stock, but it was definitely worth the wait. Just imagine all the ways this suit can be styled: with a hoodie and a pair of sneakers or with a turtleneck and some boots. Especially with the pinstripes, this suit is absolutely timeless. Follow my Instagram to see how I will style it in the upcoming seasons.

The perfect Jogger-Set

Can you tell I am going to live in this the next few months? Jogging Sets are a huge trend this year. Especially because our couch and Netflix are our best friends in 2020. I saw many influencers styling them extremely chic, so I will try my best to do the same. Probably my best purchase this year!

The wool coats

Fall has arrived, even if it doesn’t look like it. We actually have 17 degrees right now, in November. Despite the warm temperatures, a black wool coat is an absolute autumn must-have. I found this incredible chic coat from Zara a few days ago and immediately bought it. A black coat simply upgrades any outfit, even pairing it with a jogging suit would look stylish.

The Puffers

In 2-3 weeks this is probably the most important item in our wardrobes. Winter is coming and we all know that it’s going to be really cold soon. Puffer coats are going to be our best friends. The bigger, the better. Just anything oversized, to stay warm and cozy. The Arket ones are around since forever and let’s be real, they are just the best puffers on the market. But I also really liked the khaki one from H&M, I own a similar one from last season, and it’s definitely the warmest thing I have in my closet.