A day at the beach

For many of us, a holiday is just a faraway dream this year. Corona makes traveling extremely difficult and dangerous. Especially flying gives me anxiety when I think about the risk I take sitting an hour next to a hundred people and my only protection is a thin face mask. Well, probably I’m a hypochondriac now.

But why not make this the best summer ever? Who said you need to be in the south of France to have an ideal summer? The only thing you need for an unforgettable summer is yourself and your best friends and family. So some days ago my friend surprised me with a day trip to the beach, which was just insane. The beach was a three-hour drive away but it was definitely worth it. So for everyone having a little wanderlust maybe a trip to the beach can work miracles.

Here I have some Beach essentials for you:

Beach towels

A cute Beach towel is essential for a day at the beach. I had the blue one from H&M with me. Don’t wonder it is actually a table cloth but works perfectly fine for the beach because it is quite big and sturdy.

Beach Bags

I think this is self-explanatory. Walking at the beach, in the sun, sweating, you don’t want to have your shit all over the place. A big beach bag can hold all your essentials.


For tanning or going for a quick swim in the ocean. I personally think bikinis are way more efficient for a good tan and a quick change on the beach. But if you are more the swimsuit type then go for that option. Just make sure you take two to change at the beach if you are cold after a dip in the ocean.