The Perfect Black Coat

Welcome back to the blog! How’s your week been so far? Mine has been a total disaster, the only good thing was probably the weather. We had sunshine nearly every day, which is really unusual for Germany. But besides my awful week, I have already started with some Christmas shopping. Which is awesome because I also buy a lot of presents for myself. I am definitely going to do a little “what I got this month”- blog post next week, so stay tuned. Are you still looking for the perfect Christmas presents? Check out my small Gift Guide here.

Finding the perfect wool coat is a real struggle. It has to be the perfect length, perfect colour, good quality, with or without buttons, with or without a belt, and so on. So you see, finding a good coat can actually be very difficult. I definitely wanted a long coat, they just look extremely chic and go with everything. Especially looking for a coat which has a good oversized fit can be tricky because you don’t want to get lost in it. A month ago I found this extremely cool coat on Zara and I absolutely love it. For me, it really has the perfect length (I’m about 1,73cm). It doesn’t look bulky and has great quality. And of course, I love the double row of buttons on the front. This makes the coat more masculine. I highly recommend having a look.

Shop the coat here.


Fall/Winter ’20 Wishlist

Here I am, with a ton of new fall and winter favorites for you. Germany is having a small lockdown by the beginning of next week, so right now the only thing you can do is online shopping and working. I’m back in home-office right now and the main thing I am wearing is joggers. But this is no reason for us to get into a bad mood. Now we have to hold on to the positive things, like the big black Friday Sale at the end of November or my perfectly matching jogging set from Zara. We made it through the first lockdown in March and now we are going to make it through this one. Stay strong everyone!

The coolest Knitwear

Knitwear is definitely essential for the colder days. This year cable knit sweaters are literally everywhere. The grey sweater has a nice fit and falls loosely, just perfect for wearing it with a pair of leggings. I think it would even be approved by the Olsen twins. The white one is more figure-hugging and would clearly look amazing with the pinstriped suit below.

The Pinstriped Suit

I saw this power suit been worn by a new yorker influencer. She looked stunning and I immediately knew: I NEED THIS SUIT. I had to wait for ages for the pants to get back into stock, but it was definitely worth the wait. Just imagine all the ways this suit can be styled: with a hoodie and a pair of sneakers or with a turtleneck and some boots. Especially with the pinstripes, this suit is absolutely timeless. Follow my Instagram to see how I will style it in the upcoming seasons.

The perfect Jogger-Set

Can you tell I am going to live in this the next few months? Jogging Sets are a huge trend this year. Especially because our couch and Netflix are our best friends in 2020. I saw many influencers styling them extremely chic, so I will try my best to do the same. Probably my best purchase this year!

The wool coats

Fall has arrived, even if it doesn’t look like it. We actually have 17 degrees right now, in November. Despite the warm temperatures, a black wool coat is an absolute autumn must-have. I found this incredible chic coat from Zara a few days ago and immediately bought it. A black coat simply upgrades any outfit, even pairing it with a jogging suit would look stylish.

The Puffers

In 2-3 weeks this is probably the most important item in our wardrobes. Winter is coming and we all know that it’s going to be really cold soon. Puffer coats are going to be our best friends. The bigger, the better. Just anything oversized, to stay warm and cozy. The Arket ones are around since forever and let’s be real, they are just the best puffers on the market. But I also really liked the khaki one from H&M, I own a similar one from last season, and it’s definitely the warmest thing I have in my closet.


Boot-Trend: Wellingtons

Jung Girl wearing knee-high wellington boots in khaki, short black fake leather shorts and a grey tshirt.

Hello friends, is everyone alright? I’m actually having some days off at the moment. Just relaxing a bit and creating content. Some weeks ago I found these incredible cool Wellington boots at Zara. They remind me of the Ganni “Recycled Rubber Country Boots”, but in better and cheaper. So it’s actually no surprise that I see these boots all over Instagram now. Like 60% of all the Influencers I follow own these cool wellingtons. They are so easy to style because khaki just looks good on everyone. I prefer to pair them with some shorts and a chunky knit or black skinny jeans and a black turtleneck. Other than that wellington boots are the perfect addition for every closet in the colder months, nobody wants wet feet.

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Fashion Week S/S21 Recap

Yet, another Fashion Week has passed. Despite Covid-19, many people found their way to Milan and Paris, even tho many shows and presentations where held digitally, like MiuMiu. I must say I really liked their concept of editing the audience into the digital show. It’s like everyone was there but no one had to be afraid of being infected. What quite shocked me actually was the Chanel show at Grand Palais. Not only did they forget the 1,5-meter distance between the chairs, but also did you notice that they only booked like three black models? A little lame to be honest.

This season was different from the seasons we used to know. The focus right now is on being safe and easy. We are still having a global pandemic, we need easy everyday styles that look chic. And this theme really went through most of the shows.

Louis Vuitton S/S 2021 Ready-to-Wear

Louis Vuitton was by far my favorite show this season. The oversized fits and the wide color palette nailed the design part. But not only the collection was a big success. I really loved the concept of the show, by seating live and digital audience right next to each other and installing cameras between the chairs. If you watch the Show online you can see different clips being played on the greenscreens, such a cool idea to incorporate these as a kind of storytelling.

Can we please have a moment and talk about the fantastic tailoring? have you ever seen such well-made pants? They are just the right kind of oversized. But my favorite piece from the collection is the beige jacket below. Like wow, this piece literally screams my name. Having this oversized men’s vibe with the relaxed details at the bottom and on the sleeves. Well done Nicolas Ghesquière!

Watch the Show here.

Source: Vogue Runway

Sportmax S/S 2021 Ready-to-Wear

I watch the Sportmax show every fashion week season because I’m just generally a big big fan of their designs. They are very easy and sporty but also super chic. This season the atmosphere was amazing, with the high windows and the incredible light coming in. In the first few seconds of the show, you can see someone looking impatient at their watch and I just thought “if you don’t want the invitation, I’ll take it”.

Just look at this all-Black look below, her silhouette is just hugged perfectly and the material mix makes it look extremely chic. This reminds me of a mixture between the film Matrix and fashion parties in the ’90s. The blazer down below is also one of my favorite looks this fashion week. I liked the tailoring with the cut open bell sleeves in comparison with the long fit. And definitely be prepared to see me wearing one of these wonderful jumpsuits, they look incredible comfy!

Watch the Show here.

Source: Vogue Runway

Isabel Marant S/S 2021 Ready-to-Wear

I think Isabel Marant is a true legend. Her collections are always on point and extremely entertaining. This season Marant knew what her audience needed: Hugs and Love. After COVID-19 took over our lives, we need social life more than ever, but this is still a faraway dream. The collection was presented while acrobats accompanied the models on the runway, running around and hugging themselves. Marant has color-coordinated the simple outfits of the acrobats with those of the models, without these distracting from the collection.

In my opinion, Isabel Marant often has a strong western theme going on in her collections, but she matches this with rich colors and trendy cuts. The best example is probably the model on the right wearing a dark blue blouse with folklore embroidery, jeans shorts, and western boots: a typical Marant look!

Watch the show here.

Source: Vogue Runway

Fall is right around the corner

Hello friends! August is over now and for all of us not living in a warm country fall is right around the corner. All Brands are now starting to reveal their newest fall and winter collections, which is pretty exciting. Everyone knows that September is international fashion month and here I have some pieces that are just the perfect amount of casual and cool.

2020 is the year of not making an effort but still looking put together. Cute knitwear is all we can think about right now, its too cold for T-shirts but still too hot for coats. So all we wear are cardigans and blazers. Jeans are always my go-to when the weather is confusing. Rain, sunshine, it wouldn’t surprise me if it started snowing next week. But I’m still hoping summer is making a small comeback before we really go into freezing fall weather.


Besides all the cute cardigans that are trending right now, knit vests are making a huge comeback. Wearing them oversized over a colorful turtleneck or classic over a white button-down. There are no borders to this trend. A big bonus is that you’re not getting as hot as if you would be wearing a whole knitted sweater.

I love the stone-colored cardigan and pairing it with some true blue denim. Add a Bucket hat, a cute bag, and some chunky boots, and your effortless look is finished.

Cute Blazer

Blazers are such a staple piece for fall. I love pairing these with a solid colored turtleneck and some dark jeans. Especially the checkered one from Mango adds a little something to an outfit.

Some Jackets

For the cold and rainy days, jackets are a must for fall. Beige and brown tones really suit everyone and literally scream FALL! I really love the brown leather jacket from Weekday. The clean-cut is very masculine which gives any outfit the extra bit cool and it’s probably halfway weatherproof.

Wide leg Jeans

Woah, these jeans are just a pure dream. I actually own both pairs. One has a very straight cut and the other one a wide-leg cut. Both fit very well, I just had to have the wide leg jeans made smaller at the waist so they fit a little better.


Breaking up the dark seasons with light accessories. Lately, I realized how important accessories are, styling up a very basic outfit with jewelry and a cool hat or bag.

Edgy Footwear

The Bottega Veneta BV LUG Boots are probably my dream boots. But unfortunately, I can’t afford them, so I am very happy I found these H&M dupes. The quality is really good and they look stylish with every outfit. If you are more on the edgy side then these plateau Dr. Martens are a good option. Especially for the rainy and muddy weather in fall and winter. Nobody wants wet or cold feet, right?


Top Picks July 2020

These are my top picks this month:

July is nearly over again, corona is still with us and holidays are not existing for most of us. So, in conclusion, it’s still looking quite dark. But summer is here and we won’t hesitate to do anything to enjoy this summer. Sitting outside all night long, talking with friends, drinking wine. These are the moments we will be thinking back to when we grow old, not about wearing a mask inside a train.

Especially for these occasions, we need pieces that are comfy but look hella stylish. Just like this short sleeves blouse from Weekday or these super comfy slouchy pants from Zara. Comfy meets dressed up!


My Top Picks for the end of Spring ’20

Hello friends, welcome back! In Germany, we are out of Lockdown right now. But there are still a ton of government measures we have to follow. Restaurants and Bars are slowly opening again but everything is still far from normal.

So do we really need spring and summer fashion during this crisis, when we have nowhere to go to? The answer is easy – YES!

It is so important to care and treat yourself once in a while. Even if you can’t wear your new summer shorts to a barbeque, be fancy and wear them to the living room. Or show your neighbors your fantastic new dress by watering the plants on the balcony. This is exaggerated? Babe, you can never be overeducated or overdressed!

Spring is definitely my favorite season. The days get longer and the nights get warmer. Because of this global pandemic, the dress code for 2020 is casual chic, looking like you made an effort but for real – you didn’t. Being chill and comfortable is key.

It is finally time to get the shorts back out of the closet, pairing them with an oversized blazer, a body, and a pair of sandals is going to be my go-to a spring outfit.

Here are my favorites for this season:

The Basics

The Blazer

The Shorts

The Dress

The Set

The Footwear