Jaquemus for the win

Everyone in the fashion industry is probably still talking about Jaquemus iconic new collection. Easy to say that Simon Porte Jaquemus nailed it again. His new collection for s/s 2021 is near to fabulous in my opinion. Bringing together only a hand full of people on a cornfield to watch a wide variety of different Models present his wonderful designs in the french countryside. A big wooden catwalk going right through a wonderful field, surrounded by small wooden chairs. Jaquemus‘ fashion shows are just a dream that came true. Like really who would have thought of this, if not Jaquemus.

The coronavirus is still a thing, and yes even in a Jaquemus dream social distancing is necessary. But compared to Etro, who presented their Menswear show open air in the garden of Milan’s Four Seasons Hotel. Simon did a way better job. Etro earned a lot of criticism for doing the very first physical show after the big lockdown in Italy. Especially because Prada, Loewe, Balenciaga, and many more presented their shows without an audience (Loewe even without models). It seemed like the fashion industry would find a new and sustainable way to sell their collections.

Sustainability is now more in the center of interest than ever. Big labels like Prada are trying new, digital ways to present their collections. Not only to selected people but for everyone to see them just at the same time. Everyone can have access to luxury features now, just like sitting front row, at home on the sofa. Fashion weeks will never like before and these are good changes coming upon.

Really every fashionista has dreamt of sitting front row just for once in their lives, and to be honest I am still dreaming. Even if this isn’t the reality we live in anymore. But a girl can dream, right?

xx, Nike


What day is it?

We are probably now on Day 6325746 of the quarantine. I don’t know which day it is or which month. I guess its April by now.

I feel dizzy and anxious. Staying inside all the time can be tough, especially for people with a lot on their minds. Everyone seems quite fine with staying inside and working on themselves, doing all these crazy workouts, learning to cook all these fancy meals and so on. Instagram is full of people living their best lives inside their wonderful, pretty and perfectly tidy homes.

Have I been productive? No.

Do you know what I think? Bullshit. Everyone is stuck at home, hoping to leave their house better sooner than later.

It doesn’t matter what you achieved while being stuck inside, just be hopeful and be happy. And if that means you eat a whole pin of Ben&Jerrys a day, then fuck it, go for it. Eat your Ben&Jerrys, sleep in late, go for walks or don’t, lie in your bed all day watching Netflix.

Like really, who cares?

This is not the time to get your shit together. This is more than ever the time to be yourself and look after yourself, especially your mental health. Don’t force yourself to do things you don’t want to. Nobody will judge you.

Take care loves.

xx, Nike


Buy less, get more

Two days ago I read an article about second-hand shopping and how this sector will increase by around 50% until 2025, which is insane. Vintage and second-hand shopping have become so much more important than just 5 years ago, and not just in the luxury area.

I am a very passionate online shopper and my environmental footprint is probably ginormous. Of course, I am aware that this is having an impact on the world I live in. Getting parcels shipped to my door and coming home to them is actually kind of making me happy, which probably also makes me a psychopath. But that’s okay because now I realized what fatal mistakes I have been making and knowing I have to change my lifestyle ASAP. All this trouble about the climate made me overthink a lot.

The fashion industry has a super high impact on our environment, even more than flying. Actually the fashion industry is the second-largest polluter in the world. 20% of industrial water pollution is coming from textile treatment and dying and more than 20.000 liters of water are needed to produce only one kilogram of Cotton That’s just a small part of something really big. This is shocking and alarming. We are experiencing climate change every day, may it be a very warm January or overly hot summers. The climate is changing, and this will affect our lives to the max.

How can we help the environment?

We all have to get our shit together and start fixing the environment. However one can’t do this alone, but if everyone helps a bit we can change something before its too late.

Starting off with replacing our usual shopping habits with a little visit to a vintage shop or shopping at sustainable places. 2020 is the year of investing, investing in a good, sustainably made clothing. Spending more on better quality and respecting the impact on the environment. Some sustainable brands offer exclusive information on their clothes, like origin and manufacturing details. This makes it easy to follow the manufacturing process. This shows transparency and even tells us how the pricing is put together.

Shopping local can also help to reduce your environmental footprint. Local vintage shops or even resell platforms like Kleiderkreisel (DE), Depop (US/GB) or Vestiaire Collective (luxury) are a great way of buying new pieces that are pre-loved and in good condition.

Below I listed some of my favorite shopping alternatives to reduce your impact on the environment:

  • $ ASOS Marketplace
  • $$ Uncle Studios by Allegra Shaw
  • $$ ARKET
  • $$$ Reformation
  • $$$ Everlane
  • $$$ Attire by Xenia Adonts

xx, Nike